Attract money

Attract money

Apparently, the money does not bring happiness. That may be true, but I believe it is better to cry in a Porsche than on a bike. Did you know that it can be easily attracted to each other? I would like to share with you some very simple and proven by me ways to multiply and attracting money.

1. Respect the money

Do show them respect. They really rule the whole world and they deserve respect. Do not spend them on some stupid things, for that would be to offend you and you will never go back. Both banknotowi hundred złotowemu should be respected and the poor little grosikowi. If you do not respect penny he quickly complain the highest currencies and they also lose respect for you and never will want to stick with you.


(Note that as far as concentration on those sentences, your feelings are becoming more joyful. This means that your energy in the area of money INCREASE)

-> I like money!
-> I love it when a lot of money in my experience!
-> I want to experience the splendor of life!
-> I am a wonderful creature!
-> The ideal energy flow of money through my experience, I love it!
-> Energy wealth pulsates in every cell of my body
-> Money are great tools in my hands
-> I appreciate any amount
-> I pay tribute to the luxury of what I have
-> I love life, I want to throbbed within me the energy of abundance
-> The perfect harmony and wealth

2. Do not be greedy

Greed is the second step to hell (just for curiosity overzealous). You can not be greedy for money, acquire them at any price, at the expense of others and even less so at the expense of each other. The truth is that the more people are greedy for money, the less they have. Enjoy what you have. Only if you appreciate what you have, you get more.


(Note that as far as concentration on those sentences, your feelings have become increasingly blocked. This means that your energy in the area of money decreases)

-> I do not know where to get the money
-> I never have enough money
-> Money is bad
-> Pisses me off is that others have more than I
-> Money is not important to me
-> I do not deserve to have a lot of money, I’m an ordinary man
-> I do not know what the future will bring, afraid to lack of money

3. Share with others

Money love to give happiness to others. Particularly in the form of gifts, moments spent together or gifts. If we have more pleasure in giving than we are taking on a very good path in life. Because really good returns. And these truly gifted issued to another person the money to us and return it with the doubled power.
4. Money like to be in circulation

In other words, the money really like how it looks. For this they are created and the most love. Should not accumulate them for life on the account, waiting for the so-called rainy day. They are not designed so to get bored on our bank accounts. They love to be in circulation in a continuous way. They are like real explorers loving movement, getting to know new people and places. This may sound rather paradoxical, but the more money we spend, the more they have. They are spending money we are so grateful that come back to us – so that we can spend it again. Thus creating a beautiful closed circle. And we never short of money.

Learn the Law of Attraction Money

The most important thing is that the Law of Attraction to work. We need to allow the free flow of energy in our body and mind. Let’s believe in the fact that the money we really are, we deserve wealth. Never let us say that for something we can not afford, because then we block the energy. Even if now our bank account is empty it does not mean that it will remain so throughout our lives.

Wizualizujmy each other with a lot of cash, I can imagine situations in which we spend our money and fulfill their dreams.

Let’s create a mental picture of real, us feel the thrill of having a new thing – just – as would have been ours. We can not treat the pursuit of money as the main purpose of our lives. We should respect them and know that the money is only a means in our lives, so that we can realize their goals. Not limit its sources of cash flow only to how high is our current salary.

Life is really perverse, and trust me, I repeatedly experienced fantastic cash inflows from the least expected sites. Let me explain what I mean. Before I started this blog was limited to what I earn with my job. When I read some great motivational books – which opened my eyes about attracting money and happiness in our lives – I changed my thinking and to allow the free flow of energy. I stopped focusing solely on material things, and I just started to dream and imagine whole self fulfilling their travel dreams. I did not know where I’ll cash my future trips. I did not care too much – just believe that my visualizations come true. Life gave me then a lot of new opportunities, which previously did not even have a clue to go this route. It is also important to take action on our part. At one point I went to London, where everything worked out and where I received a lot of new possibilities. I started writing this blog with passion and great energy, and it produced a further source of cash flow. Many companies and travel websites started to contact me for cooperation. All these experiences taught me that you always need to have an open mind and, above all, in anything not to limit yourself. The world is so much wealth and material goods, so that others may become rich, and use them? We too can! It also belongs to us! Just believe and start acting – move from a comfortable chair in front of the TV. To go beyond your comfort zone.

How to become a magnet for money? Here are some simple and practical advice on the law of attraction to yourself money:

1. Open the flow – start in a looser way of thinking about money. Do not tense up like a bodybuilder to show, when you spend money. Try to relax when removing from the portfolio of larger sum. You do not lose them, just enter them in turn and start to implement the law of abundance.

2. Print your financial goal – if you want to have in your account 400 000 thousand print such a string and hang in a prominent place. Be I want to have 400 000 thousand in the account in 2012. Aim your mind to think of the total. This idea works and the wonders and attract lucrative coincidences.

3. Stretch the stomach loss – think greater sums. Do not think your earnings for the month, talk with annual earnings. This prepares you to assume greater sum.

4. Give thanks for what you get – When you find on the street 10 gold, silence this moment. Consider it as evidence of attraction, it will raise your mind to think about the fact that the law of attraction works in a magical way.

5. Change your language – stop using such words as weak earned, I worked out etc. say that przyciągnąłeś into your life 10 000, a new better paying job.

6. Why NOT? – Why do you not believe in the possibility to earn those sums you dream about. Do not limit yourself, think about the sums that excites you, do not be a fireman who puts out their financial desires. A million is a million, you need not be ashamed.

7. Surround yourself with people rich – if you want to be a powerful magnet financial enter the field of rich people. Their field is open to the flow, if you join this group will strengthen its ability to attract financial miracles.

How magically attract money

There are those who always leads. They always work, money, and even when you get a moment of failure, can quickly rebuild a fortune. Other forever they pat poverty and are uphill. How to find in this group, the money themselves pushed into a pocket? Well, in ways that you too can take advantage of.

First, review its views on money, because that’s what our thoughts accumulated over the years, and instilled by parents, school environment may cause a subconscious block to success. Is the word “poor wind blowing in your eyes,” “honestly can not earn money,” not by chance, in your own words? Remember that how we think affects how we feel and what we believe, and we believe, so too we operate.

Who likes to poverty? Well, certainly those who think that for favors rendered should not take money. Often this is due to the internal belief that I do not deserve compensation, but I offer their time, skills and abilities. Those who do not like to spend money for fear that they will be gone. Meanwhile, remember that your cash flow is a flow of energy. To earn you invest. People who do not understand, will never be truly rich. At the beginning you have to be better than your work, because when you outgrow it, you’ll get from your current employer or another company improved offer of employment.

According to other opinions is needed, however, luck. Wealth can be appropriately used to attract the energy of our thoughts, that is magic. As Paracelsus said, “like attracts like”. According to this principle they have the gift of money to attract money. Not without reason, the portfolio which we buy as a gift, put a coin “to be multiplied”. So who believe in magic, whether the principles of feng shui, should pay attention to the condition of your portfolio. And this with a hole torn, small and ugly not lured money. The tasteful and carefully selected portfolio of bank notes and credit cards are guaranteed to feel better. It should be elegant, neat and the best red color. You should also make sure that there were in the past due bills and old notes, because they symbolically take the place of the expected profits. The money let them be arranged, because you have to treat them with respect, as a good friend. Hopping mindlessly coins on the shelves or cabinets makes the mess we are in all accounts. In many homes with respect arranged but small coins, eg. In the corners of the room, to provide wealth. According to feng shui, it is put under the sink bowl full of small coins, or on the desk, on which we work. Keep in mind that money is more likely to come to the houses that are cleaned.

And what you can hold in your wallet? In many families there is a tradition of burying the scales from the Christmas table. Royal carp is a symbol of wealth, so the husk is the most appropriate. The portfolio can also carry three Chinese purses tied with red thread or four-leaf clover, the best this yourself found. A magical object that ensures success is also a mirror. Hung around the cash register, in an apartment or company doubles revenues. You can wear the miniature mirrors also in the portfolio, but never empty.